Together for a future without cardiovascular and lung diseases

Welcome to the fundraising website of the Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation.

Cardiovascular and lung diseases have a huge impact on the lives of patients and their environment; it causes a lot of fear and uncertainty and a limitation in doing normal daily activities. More than 1.5 million people suffer from cardiovascular diseases and 1 million people have lung diseases in the Netherlands. These patients are entitled to the best care. As a patient you only want one thing: to get better and a good quality of life. 

Specialists in the Erasmus MC Thorax Center are doing groundbreaking research into the treatment of cardiovascular and lung diseases. The results of the research are directly translated into practice and have an impact on patient care worldwide. 

With your support, we can enable innovative research in the Erasmus MC Thorax Center to save even more lives and prevent unnecessary suffering. Together with you, doctors and researchers, we are committed to a healthy future without cardiovascular and lung diseases. 

For you, for your loved ones, for everyone. 

For information about the Thorax Foundation, visit our website.

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20-05-2020 | 21:41 To: Rondje Nederland met de scootmobiel Nieuwe zomeractie Fancy-Fair voor verkoop van kussens , tsseen , mondkapjes ect.